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    $ 325USD/mth
    1000 Free SMS/Month


Monthly Credits

On FREE TRIAL you will be allocated 500 credits. On SUBSCRIPTION PLANS credits are replenished every month with the following: Starter pack: 100 credits replenished per month. Basic Pack: 300 credits replenished per month. Pro Pack: 600 credits replenished per month.

1000 Free SMS/Month


The MiSurvey system is so intelligent that it recommends the marketing you need and improvements required in your practice! Not only that, it also gets happy patients to refer family and friends and encourages positive google or yelp reviews at the same time! If you think that's impressive, it can go one step further. It can benchmark your practice results ... Show More

5c per text/free email


Keep providing your services from your practice or your home! Send an SMS invitation to your patient to join a live consultation easily. Easily deployed and connected through video, audio and chat.

5c per text/free email


MiSmile allows you to capture prospective patient smiles while on the phone so as to enhance conversion into appointments. It can also be added as a plugin on your current website to capture prospective patients for an online assessment. The MiSmile web browser version can be incorporated into your social media campaigns so as to capture prospective patients with contact details! Show More

5c per text/free email

MiPhone Leads

Don’t lose phone enquiries, convert them into patients with our unique system. You can send an SMS and/or email video information pack, which explains the services you provide at your practice while capturing details of the caller allowing you to follow-up effectively.

5c per text/free email


Our unique campaign system is easy to use, yet very powerful. You can schedule campaigns to nurture prospective patients or educate current ones on the services you provide. Campaigns that will eventually get patients to book an appointment or refer family and friends. There is nothing like it on the market!

5c per text/free email


Don’t pay other services for bookings. Use our new and unique MiBookings plugin and add it to your current website so patients can request a practice appointment that you can control!

5c per text/free email

MiWeb Leads

Don’t lose your website traffic, convert them into patients with our unique website lead capture plugin. Patients can request an sms video information pack which explains the services you provide at your practice while at the same time capturing details of the prospective patient allowing you to follow-up more effectively.

MiTreatment Planner

Send customised Treatment Plans with an educational video and patient treatment animation along with your payment plan via SMS or email. Simple yet powerful imagery for effective conversion!

5c per text/free email

MiPost Op

The new MiPost Op allows you to send patients educational videos and electronic documents for the post-operative management of procedures patients have had. Furthermore, you can track if they have viewed the material from your MiPractice portal and patients can provide you feedback on how their treatment is progressing.

5c per text/free email


Our platform gets you Google reviews and Facebook connections as well as word of mouth referrals with any of the MiPractice tools you use. This is unique only to the MiPractice system. Another feature unique to the MiPractice system is that it uses patented intelligent software that seeks Google reviews and Facebook connections only from happy satisfied patients!

5c per text/free email